Ayurveda Herbal Supplements can be a great way to fine tune the body. These products are quite specific in purpose and are based on thousands of years of knowledge and practice.

Some of the broad categories ayurveda herbal supplements may be used to treat are the following:

  • Allergies
  • Digestion
  • Heart health
  • Anxiety
  • Immune system functioning
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Sexual response
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Memory

Health Problems and their Ayurvedic Remedies

Sometimes ayurveda herbal supplements are used by themselves to solve troublesome health issues. For example, arjuna is good for the heart, bitter melon aids those with diabetes, and mucuna pruriens may increase sperm count.

Some ayurveda herbal supplements work on external skin conditions as well.

Neem is suggested for those with acne or eczema, and bhringraja is often recommended for the health of the hair and skin.

Ayurvedic Herbal Formulas and their Uses

Most people choose to use the formulas of ayurveda herbal supplements that treat several problems or act as a preventative to illness. These combinations of herbs are usually marketed for specific groups or to help maintain the balance of the body and mind so that they work in unison.

Some of these natural formulas are suitable for use every day. Manufacturers now have these convenient products available to support the following conditions:

  • Ladies’ Health, including menstrual help, menopausal relief, bone support, reproductive help, and a healthy hair and nail formula
  • Men’s Health, for greater muscle strength, prostate fortification, eyes, skin, and heart improvement, and other problems associated with aging
  • Detoxification, to remove toxins from the colon and digestive tract, purify the liver, kill parasites, and increase the growth of good intestinal flora
  • Emotional Imbalance, to bring positive feelings, provide calmness under stress, and lighten feelings of sadness and frustration

Personalized Solutions Based on Your Doshas (Body Types or Life Forces)

Although most patients can find ayurveda herbal supplements appropriate for their health circumstances already on the shelf, some conditions may require a physician with special ayurvedic training to create personalized natural formulas.

These will be created especially for your dosha, or life force, and contain herbs mixed for your particular illness. Though they may cost a bit more, these individualized herbal treatments are powerful, more effective, yet economical.

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