Ingredients of khajur ladoo

  • Khajur (dates) – 250 gm
  • Cashew – 10
  • Badaam (almonds) – 10
  • Grated dry coconut (optional)- 100 gm

Method of preparation Separate seeds from the dates and cut in small pieces. Cut the cashew and almonds also in small pieces and slightly roast in the pan with 2 spoons of ghee. Now mix the kharjur pieces in pan and roast for 3-5 minutes. Take out all the mixture from the pan and make small sized laddoos and roll it over the grated coconut. Roasted sesame seeds or khs khas (poppy seeds) may be used instead of coconut.

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khajur in english is called as dates

Total quantity: 10 to 12 ladoos

Health benefits of Dates

khajur khane ke fayde / Date ladoos are highly nutritious, which contain fiber and antioxidants and therefore useful for maintenance of good health. It can work as energy booster in fatigue specifically for weak, pregnant women and during convalescent period.

Precaution Not advisable for diabetics.


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