Indian women have a weakness toward gold ornaments. That’s why, if not possible in ordinary day they like to teem with ornaments in special occasion like festival days or family functions. There are various benefits of wearing gold jewellery on skin. Men also wear gold jewelleries on their bodies. During the Vedic era, there are 36 kinds of essential jewelleries and ornaments were used by people. Few on the upper part of body and few on the lower part of the body. You may mark one thing Hindus are wearing gold on the upper part of the body and Silver ornaments on the lower part of body.

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There are two kinds of effects created on human body due to wearing gold jewelleries

Scientific Effect Behind Wearing Gold Jewellery

As per ancient civilization there was a thought that gold had healing properties.  They thought if a person took pure gold, and put it on a wound then it helps to control the infection and help to heal the wound. Actually, at that time they used 24-karat gold means pure gold (Today, people use alloyed gold jewelleries where other metals change the properties of the pure gold).

Genuinely, gold possessed an energy that brought warm, soothing vibrations to the body to aid healing. It helps to move blood through the tissue spaces evenly without a hitch replacing the dead cells. Gold is also trusted to have a relaxing impact.

Gold is in itself creating a blissful feeling which creates a positive impact psychologically. Gold is a non-toxic metal. Nevertheless, it harms human body internally or externally.


Spiritual Effect Behind Wearing Gold Jewellery

It believes that divine consciousness is activated and attracted by wearing a gold ring on ring figure. It’s also a believe that wearing gold above the waist get over from stronger negative energies (i.e. ghosts, devils, demons etc.).

                          Gold is not only using to enhance outer beauty, but also used in medicines. In Ayurveda gold is also used as bhasma (ash) for many reasons. It is called as Swarna Bhasma. It unfolds quickly the colour and beauty of the body. 

Not only Hindus but Egyptians also believed, the healing powers of gold could cure all manner of physical, mental and spiritual ailments.  History says the secret the beauty of Queen Cleopatra was a golden mask which one she wore on her face at the time of sleep. 

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