Journey to learn Yoga begins only when one can displays his/her own interest. There is no age limit to undertaking this delightful campaign to explore your body and soul through Yoga.  The person who is proficient in yoga is cognized as ‘Yogi’. Yoga is not a physical workout as per today’s people perception. It’s the first step towards meditation. Yoga creates a rhythm inside your body to discover the heavenly body. So, dear friends when the thought to learn yoga is conceived inside your mind, then you must have to remember few things as a beginner.

1.Selection of right yoga style 

To reform strength, flexibility, and balance you have to choose a right yoga style for yourself. Always prefer a yoga style which will match to your current fitness level. You may have an injury, a medical condition, or other limitations. So you have to take those early into consideration.  You have to consult with your doctor first. If you have any such kind of health issue then you will adopt Lyengar yoga, Kripalu yoga, or Viniyoga.

If you are a devotee and meditation is your earliest goal, then you might try kundalini yoga.

2.Selection of a good yoga Instructor

How can to identify a good yoga teacher is a massive question. At the time of choosing a yoga teacher one has to look for few features. Most essential things in a yoga instructor is how much his/her life is committed around yoga?

Does he/she is addicted by alcohol or cigarette? If yes, then he/she is not eligible to call as a yoga teacher.

3.Selection of right Yoga apparel

During Yoga practice, most of person forgets about it. Always choose yoga wear which allows your body to do easy moments. Yoga practitioners feel uncomfortable when they lie on the stomach using drawstring pants. So for both men and women, it’s advisable to choose stretchable cotton tees with elastic cotton pants.

Always try to choose light colour wears which will create harmony in your mind.

4.Try to practice Yoga Posture and gesture (Mudra) yourself

When we start a new physical activity suddenly, our body doesn’t support the moves. Our body is tout, it’s not that much flexibility required to represent the Yoga posture as same as the trainer shows at initial training period.  For this kind of initial issues a yoga beginner has to follow some instructions i.e. you have to practice basic yoga poses at your home in the beginning. You can follow yoga chart which bears easy yoga poses. And do practice at your home for a week. Don’t think you are doing yoga; just think you are doing physical exercise to make your body flexible to perform well in yoga class.

5.Obey the instructions of your Yoga trainer

At the time of learning yoga you have to remember many things about your diet, life style, posture and gesture, breathtaking process etc.

When you want to learn something from other you need a teacher or master. You have to show a position of authority to your teacher during training period. Yes, it’s very burdensome task to be obedient. Without obedience, you’ll never be capable to keep up with the instructions. That’s why you have to control on yourself during the yoga season. A trainer always provides you the deep information about whatever question created in your mind and makes clear your misunderstanding. So always try to surrender yourself your yoga teacher.

                                                 It’s actually a religious practice to express ‘OM’. As per Hindusim yoga is the path of getting salvation.  But today in this upsetting world, yoga is appreciated globally. Few think it as a remedy for anxiety and depression. Few try it to boost their concentration and productivity. With which intention you accept yoga, if it gives you peace inside your mind and soul, then your yoga practice we must say meaningful.

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